Bollard Project

Heaver ComplexGator Boosters, Inc. is excited to announce its latest naming opportunity for Gator fans - the Gator Bollard Project. These Gator Bollards are prominently featured outside the west side of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium stretching along L. Gale Lemerand Drive. They are a true focal point as Gator fans enter the stadium and will allow Gator fans to forever leave their mark on Florida Football. Each bollard requires a $10,000 contribution to name.

All proceeds from the Gator Bollard Project will benefit the Athletic Education Fund providing scholarships for current and future generations of Gator student-athletes. It is the goal of Gator Boosters, Inc. and the University Athletic Association, Inc. to fully endow every scholarship. Your commitment to naming a Gator Bollard will help us to reach this goal and forever ensure the success of Gator Athletics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the money go?

All money generated from the Gator Bollard Project will be put in the Athletic Education Fund (AEF). The AEF is an endowment fund which helps Gator student-athletes in all sports by paying for:

  • Tuition
  • Books
  • Room & Board
  • Meal Plans
  • Tutoring
  • Lab Fees

By contributing to the Gator Bollard Project, you are helping cover these costs for Gator student-athletes who participate in all sports at the University of Florida. Your contribution enhances the college experience for these student-athletes while also providing the tools for them to succeed. In addition, you are offering the opportunity of attending college to some student-athletes who may otherwise not be able to afford the expenses associated with earning a degree.

How do I commit to the Gator Bollard Project?

There is a Commitment Form on this web site which you can reach by clicking here. Once you see the form you can either fill it out as you see it and click the “Print Form” button to print and send it in or you can download the form, print and fill it out, and send it in to the address provided on the form.

BollardWhat is a bollard?

A bollard is a concrete fixture that is 19 inches in height and 22 inches in diameter. These bollards stretch along Gale Lemerand Drive on the West side of the stadium wrapping around the James W. “Bill” Heavener Complex continuing to Stadium Drive on the South side of the stadium.

PlaqueWhat is the size of the plaque?

Each plaque is 12" in diameter with the letters each being ¾" tall. You are allowed three lines of text, each with a maximum of 20 characters (including spaces and special characters).

How much is the contribution to get my own plaque on a bollard?

Each bollard requires a $10,000 contribution to name. This contribution can be a one-time payment or be broken into multiple payments over a two year period. Once the full contribution is met, the plaque will be placed on the available bollard of your choice and the plaque will be made to your specifications.

Do I earn priority points for this contribution?

Yes! The money generated from the Gator Bollard Project is put into an endowment, so you receive double priority points for your choice of either Football or Men’s Basketball, or you can split the points between the two sports. Keep in mind, if you do receive priority points for this gift, it is 80% tax deductible while a gift with no priority points reciprocated is 100% tax deductible. It is your choice whether you wish to receive points or not.

If you have any further questions or would like more information on the Gator Bollard Project, please contact Curtis Head at:

Gator Boosters, Inc.
P.O. Box 13796
Gainesville, Florida 32604
(352) 375-4683 x5038