Priority Point System

Priority Points

Gator Boosters, Inc. uses a priority point system to help more fairly allocate donor benefits. Donors receive points based upon the consecutive number of years that they have been a season ticket holder, as well as for the total cumulative ticket-related contributions that they have made. This system seeks to reward both a donor's longevity and gift amount when establishing donor priorities.

Donors receive (1) point for each $100 contributed to their club level

Donors receive (10) points for each consecutive year of being a season ticket holder

Donors receive (50) points as a loyalty bonus for each 10-year threshold. (10 yrs, 20 yrs, etc.)  

Donors receive (2) points for each $100 contributed to Scholarship Endowment or Facility Improvement.
Donor must have a Gator Booster Membership to apply points.

 **Any points received from dollars will always be associated with your membership. Points awarded for consecutive years as a season ticket holder will start over at zero should you not renew.

 **Please refer to the transfer policy page for any questions regarding priority points upon transfer of membership

Example: Joe and Jane Donor have contributed $30,000 to the Annual Fund for since 1980. They have also been season ticket holders in football since that time. They also chose to give a $10,000 gift to Athletic Education Fund. Their points are as follows…

Contributions Points
Lifetime Contributions $30,000 300 points (1pt/$100)
Consecutive Years 30 Years 300 points (10pts/year)
Loyalty Bonus 150 points (50pts for 10, 20 and 30 year)
Scholarship Endowment Gift $10,000 200 points (2pts/$100)

Total Points for Joe and Jane Donor is 950 POINTS!