Football Overview


Gator Boosters, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization whose primary purpose is raising necessary funds for athletic scholarships and capital improvements for the Gator athletic program.

Membership requires a minimum contribution of $100.  Please refer to the various membership levels and associated benefits listed on our website.  

Your contribution pays for the annual athletic scholarship needs of Gator student-athletes for all sports.  Your contribution also pays for the athletic facilities Gator student-athletes compete and train in.

Football Season Tickets

Ticket orders will be online HERE and mailed out to those in our database in February before the upcoming season.  If you would like to receive this mailing, please call the Gator Ticket Office at 1-800-344-2867 ext. 6800.

Season Tickets are assigned based on the Gator Booster Priority Point System, starting with the Bull Gator club level, Grand Gator, Scholarship Club, etc.:  therefore, your chances for obtaining tickets are increased when contributing at a higher level.

All ticket and booster contributions will be completely refunded if there are no seats available in the stadium.

Due to the high demand for season football tickets, very few season tickets become available each year for purchase.  Historically, we have only been able to fill new orders at the minimum of the Varsity Club level ($1800).  Therefore, it is encouraged that a contribution at one of the booster club levels be made to increase the probability of receiving season football tickets.  Current season ticket holders may add seats to their existing account, as long as they fall within the club level limits and meet the minimum booster contribution requirements.  Orders for additional seats are not guaranteed and will be filled based on availability using the Gator Booster Priority Point System.


Reclaiming Season Tickets or Parking

Gator Boosters may reclaim their seats each year provided their ticket order is received and the contribution for his/her required contribution is paid by the deadline. 

If you previously obtained seats or seat improvement through any Club Membership, that Club Membership level must be maintained to reclaim seats from year to year.

If you previously obtained parking or parking improvement through any Club Membership, that Club Membership level must be maintained to reclaim parking from year to year.