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Gator Boosters, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization whose primary purpose is raising necessary funds for athletic scholarships and capital improvements for the Gator athletics program.

Membership requires a minimum contribution of $100. Please refer to the various membership levels and associated benefits listed on our website.

Your contribution pays for the annual athletic scholarship needs of Gator student-athletes for all (21) of our men's and women's sports. Your contribution also pays for the athletic facilities in which our student-athletes compete and train.


Season Tickets


The renewal deadline to renew your baseball season tickets, or place an order for the first time to be included in the priority seating process, is August 12.

Click here for more information.

The opportunity to select, relocate, or upgrade your seats is based on the Gator Booster Loyalty Point System which will distribute an online appointment time to each Gator Booster, when they can go online and choose their seats through our "Virtual Venue" of Florida Ballpark. Boosters are ranked first by their total Loyalty Points. Therefore, your chances for obtaining tickets, or upgrading into a more desired section, are increased when increasing your contribution. Current season ticket holders may add seats to their existing account, as long as they fall within the season ticket limits and meet the minimum booster contribution requirements. Orders for additional seats are not guaranteed and will be filled based on availability using the Gator Booster Loyalty Point System.

Gator Boosters may reclaim their seats each year if their ticket order is received and the contribution for his/her required contribution is paid by the renewal deadline.;





Parking at the Florida Ballpark for 2022 is TBD and information will released once that process is finalized.


Gator Boosters, Inc. uses the Loyalty Point System to fairly allocate donor benefits. Donors receive points for each consecutive year of being a season ticket holder, as well as for the total cumulative ticket-related contributions that they have made. This system seeks to reward both a donor's longevity and gift amount when establishing donor priorities.  

Donors receive (1) point for each $100 contributed to their contribution level
Donors receive (10) points for each consecutive year of being a season ticket holder
Donors receive (50) points as a loyalty bonus for each 10-year threshold. (10 yrs, 20 yrs, etc.)
Donors receive (3) points for each $100 contributed to Scholarship Endowment or Facility Improvement. **If you request no priority points, the gift is 100% tax deductible
Donor must have a Gator Booster Membership to apply points.

**Any points received from dollars will always be associated with your membership. Points awarded for consecutive years as a season ticket holder will start over at zero should you not renew your season tickets.

**Please refer to the transfer policy page for any questions regarding priority points upon transfer of membership


Example: Albert and Alberta Gator Gator have contributed $30,000 to the Annual Fund for for 30 years. They have also been season ticket holders in football since that time. They also chose to give a $10,000 gift to Athletic Education Fund. Their points are as follows…



Lifetime Contributions $30,000

300 points (1pt/$100)

Consecutive Years 30 Years

300 points (10pts/year)

Loyalty Bonus

150 points (50pts for 10 years, 20 years and 30 years)

Scholarship Endowment Gift $10,000

300 points (3pts/$100)

Total Points for Albert and Alberta Gator Gator is 1,050 POINTS!